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Applications Library :: Lightning provides advanced leadtime for tornado event

Title: Total lightning provides advanced leadtime for tornado event Time: 7 minutes Date:  March 2, 2o12 Region: CONUS East / Southeast Author (s): Geoffrey Stano (NASA/SPoRT), Kris White (HUN), Brian Carcione (HUN), Product(s): LMA Total Lightning – Source (i.e Event) Density Application Area: Severe Weather, Public Feature: Tornado Instrument(s): LMA Goes well with: Radar reflectivity and velocity, NLDN Description: Total lightning trends provide a proxy to storm stage and

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Applications Library :: Tracking Tool basics for Lightning

  Title: Tracking Tool basics for total lightning Time Length: 1 minute Date:  All seasons Region: All regions Author: Geoffrey Stano (NASA/SPoRT) Product(s): Tracking Tool Application Area: Severe Weather, Aviation, Public, Safety Feature: Trend in Lightning Instrument(s): GLM, LMA Goes well with: Radar reflectivity and velocity, NLDN Description Quick Guide to applying the Tracking Meteogram Tool to total lightning data in order to look for sharp increases in the

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Lightning Training: Part 1

This is Part 1 of 2 Lightning Mapping Array training modules. This module introduces the user to total lightning and the source density product provided by NASA SPoRT. While the North Alabama Array is the focus of this module, the concepts can be applied to any total lightning network. Users will learn the difference between total lightning and National Lightning

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Pseudo Geostationary Lightning Mapper

This module is an update to the original 2010 training module with new information, graphics, and content. This module introduces SPoRT’s Pseudo Geostationary Lightning Mapper Flash Extent Density product and variants for use in the GOES-R Proving Ground. The Pseudo GLM is intended as a training product for forecasters ahead of the GOES-R era and to prepare forecasters for the

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Lightning Operational Uses: Additional Scenarios

This is the follow-up to the Total Lightning Training: Part 1 module and assumes a basic knowledge of total lightning. This sub-section focuses on other cases that may not fit directly with the other two sub-sections. This will cover an “obvious” severe weather event (i.e., a large outbreak) and a null cases where severe weather occurred, but no lightning jump was

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