Applications Library :: True Color RGB, Burn Scar Identification (Texas, Oklahoma, 7 March 2017)



Description: Warm, dry conditions and strong winds caused wildfires to erupt in the Texas and Oklahoma panhandles, burning hundreds of thousands of acres.  Active fires can be monitored using True Color RGB and Visible (0.64 µm) imagery to analyze the location and extent of the event.

Title: True Color RGB, Burn Scar Identification
Time: 1-minute
Date:  7 March 2017
Region: Cenytral/Southcentral CONUS
Author: Dawn White, Kevin Fuell
Product(s): True Color RGB
Application Area: Aerosols/Air Quality, Aviation, Fire, Public Health
Feature: Smoke from Wildfires
Instrument(s): ABI, AHI, MODIS, VIIRS



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