Nighttime Microphysics RGB Fundamentals (module)

ntmicro_splash_fundamentalsThis module examines the fundamental components that make up the Nighttime Microphysics RGB. This product was originally developed by EUMETSAT for use with SEVIRI and now can be applied to more recent geostationary imagers such as AHI and ABI. The combination of physical, particle, and thermal characteristics results in colors that classify the various cloud and surface features.

Author (s): Kevin Fuell
Language: English
Publication Date: 2/15/2016; latest update 2/22/2017
Skill Level: 1 (Requires basic scientific literacy)
Prerequisites: None
Completion Time: 22 min
Includes Audio: yes
Required Plugins: Please see ‘Install Manual’ document below
Recommended Browser: Safari
Categories: Multispectral Imagery, Aviation

Module info:

(Install Manual)

(Download Module)

Quick Guide (PDF) and Interactive Quick Guide

View now –>


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