Dust RGB (Interactive Quick Guide)

A 2-page reference (PDF) and an “interactive” (html/5) web object describes the fundamental aspects of the Dust RGB Imagery product and it demonstrates color interpretation of the multi-channel imagery. The RGB is based on the internationally accepted EUMETSAT RGB “best practices” guidelines. The imagery is often applied to identifying airbourne dust plumes, but it also differentiates low-level moisture boundaries. This Quick Guide style is intended to help users recall important points from foundational training. The PDF can be printed and used as a job aid in the operations area. Both the PDF and the interactive versions can be downloaded for local use via intranet or within the user’s display system.

Author (s): Emily Berndt, Kevin Fuell
Language: English
Publication Date: May 2012
Categories: Multispectral (RGB) Imagery

2-page Quick Guide (PDF)

(Last modified: 1 April 2016)

Interactive Quick Guide (view in browser)

(Last modified: April 2016)

Download Interactive Quick Guide 

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