Daytime Convection RGB (Interactive Quick Guide)

A 2-page reference (PDF) and an “interactive” (html/5) web object describes the fundamental aspects of the Daytime Convection RGB Imagery product and it demonstrates color interpretation of the multi-channel imagery. The RGB is based on the internationally accepted EUMETSAT RGB “best practices” guidelines. While the recipe seems complex with many differences and channels ranging from visible to longwave infrared, the main application is to identify storms with cold tops and small ice particles where strong convection is likely occuring. This Quick Guide style is intended to help users recall important points from foundational training. The PDF can be printed and used as a job aid in the operations area. Both the PDF and the interactive versions can be downloaded for local use via intranet or within the user’s display system.

Author (s): Emily Berndt, Kevin Fuell
Language: English
Publication Date: June 2013
Categories: Multispectral (RGB) Imagery

2-page Quick Guide (PDF)

(Last modified: 1 April 2016)

Interactive Quick Guide (view in browser)

(Last modified: April 2016)

Download Interactive Quick Guide 

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