Assessment :: NESDIS Snow Fall Rate

assessment4(2014, 6 January to 15 April)

This report summarizes the Winter 2014 assessment of a passive microwave snowfall rate (SFR) product developed by NOAA/NESDIS/STAR. NWS forecasters provided feedback via online surveys or blog posts after viewing these data in their native display system for relevant snowfall events. Traditionally, radar and satellite visible and IR imagery has been used to detect snowfall, but the SFR product allows for detection of snow in cases when radar coverage is limited or mixed precipitation is present.

Full title: NESDIS Snowfall Rate Product Assessment

Product(s): Snowfall Rate from passive microwave AMSU/MHS

Date:  2014, 6 January to 15 April
Region: U.S. Southwest, Northeast, East
Need(s) Addressed: Snowfall monitoring in areas of radar gaps, beam blockage and overshooting; tracking of snowfall rate maxima



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