SPoRT Hybrid MODIS-GOES Imagery for the GOES-R Proving Ground

The SPoRT hybrid imagery for the GOES-R Proving Ground is a combination of high-resolution MODIS imagery and standard GOES imagery. Essentially, the MODIS swath replaces the lower resolution GOES imagery whenever it is available while the GOES imagery fills in areas not covered by the swath as well as time periods between MODIS overpasses. Hybrid imagery is available for the visible (500 m) channels as well as longwave IR, shortwave IR, and water vapor (2 km) channels. The benefit is that high-resolution, polar-orbiting data can be viewed in a loop along with the forecasters standard imagery in order to provide a proxy for the future ABI instrument on GOES-R.

Author (s): Dr. Geoffrey Stano
Language: English
Publication Date: October 2011
Skill Level:
Completion Time: 36:47 min
Includes Audio: yes
Required Plugins: Please see ‘Install Manual’ document below
Recommended Browser: Safari
Categories: Satellite Meteorology

Module info:


(Install Manual)

(Download Module)


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