Pseudo Geostationary Lightning Mapper

This module is an update to the original 2010 training module with new information, graphics, and content. This module introduces SPoRT’s Pseudo Geostationary Lightning Mapper Flash Extent Density product and variants for use in the GOES-R Proving Ground. The Pseudo GLM is intended as a training product for forecasters ahead of the GOES-R era and to prepare forecasters for the more robust GLM Proxy product under development by the Algorithm Working Group. Experts with total lightning and the GLM have contributed to this module that provides brief overviews of total lightning and the actual GLM instrument. Additionally, the Pseudo GLM is described and examples of its use are provided. As this module is intended for preparation for GOES-R Proving Ground activities, particularly the Hazardous Weather Testbed’s Spring Program the length is a little longer than most SPoRT modules. This module is 37 minutes long and requires the flash plug-in.

Author (s): Dr. Geoffrey Stano
Language: English
Publication Date: March, 2012
Skill Level:
Completion Time: 36:47 min
Includes Audio: yes
Required Plugins: Please see ‘Install Manual’ document below
Recommended Browser: Safari
Categories: Total Lightning, Convective weather, Aviation

Module info:


(Install Manual)

(Download Module)

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