MODIS Fog Product

This is a brief, 7 minute training module to highlight the use of the MODIS Spectral Difference, or “Fog product”. The module presents user-provided examples gathered during the Fall 2008 evaluation period. Fog and low clouds are identified by taking advantage of the lower thermal emissivity of water clouds (3.9 micron) versus land surfaces (11 micron). This difference, combined with the high resolution of MODIS (1 km) provides an enhanced snapshot of fog conditions, particularly in relation to small scale terrain features not captured well by the more coarse GOES imagery. Advantages and limitations of the MODIS fog product are discussed as well.

Author (s): Kevin Fuell
Language: English
Publication Date: August 1, 2009
Skill Level: 1 (Requires basic scientific literacy)
Prerequisites: None
Completion Time: 7 min
Includes Audio: yes
Required Plugins: Please see ‘Install Manual’ document below
Recommended Browser: Safari
Categories: Aviation

Module info:

(Install Manual)

(Download Module)

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