Aviation Forecasting RGB Products: Alaska

Alaska has a large percentage of nighttime during winter months. Several RGB products from MODIS and VIIRS are presented in this Alaska-centric example for the application of aviation forecasting. In particular, the Nighttime Microphysics RGB helps differentiate various cloud types, including fog. The VIIRS Day-Night Band imagery in an RGB form is also presented. The module is 17 minutes of audio with a user interaction.

Author (s): Kevin Fuell
Language: English
Publication Date: January, 2014
Skill Level: 2 (requires some prior knowledge of topic)
Prerequisites: Base RGB imagery concepts such as that from UCAR/COMET MetED site: “Multispectral Satellite Applications:RGB Products Explained”
Completion Time: 17 min
Includes Audio: Yes
Required Plugins: Please see ‘Install Manual’ document below
Recommended Browser: Safari
Categories: Aviation, Multispectral Imagery

Module info:


(Install Manual)

(Download Module 49 mb)

Quick Guide info:

(RGB Night-time Microphysics)



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