• Applications Library :: Lightning provides advanced leadtime for tornado event

    Title: Total lightning provides advanced leadtime for tornado event Time: 7 minutes Date:  March 2, 2o12 Region: South-central, Southeast Southcentral, Southeast Author (s): Kris White (HUN), Brian Carcione (HUN), Geoffrey Stano (NASA/SPoRT) Product(s): LMA

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  • Dust RGB Quick Guide

    A 2-page reference document describes the fundamental aspects of the Dust RGB Imagery product and it includes a large dust event. The RGB composite is based on the EUMETSAT RGB

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    This 12 minute module briefly describes the latest operational version of the proxy GOES-R Convective Initiation (CI) product that utilizes current GOES retrievals.  The GOES-R CI is a 0-2 hr,

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  • Lightning Operational Uses: Severe Weather

    This is the follow-up to the Total Lightning Training: Part 1 module and assumes a basic knowledge of total lightning. This sub-section focuses on the most common use of total

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  • NESDIS Snowfall Rate Product in Alaska

    This 11-slide presentation and 2-page quick guide reference describe applications related to the NESDIS Snowfall Rate (SFR) Product. It demonstrates the utility in the product for tracking snow features in

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RGB Daytime Microphysics

A 2-page Quick Guide (PDF) and an “interactive” (html/5) version describe the fundamental aspects of the Daytime Microphysics RGB Imagery product and they demonstrates color interpretation of the multi-channel imagery.